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Betty Hollas

Betty Hollas

Betty is an award-winning veteran educator and best-selling author with more than 25 years of exemplary service, as both a teacher and a principal. She brings energy and excitement to schools nationally and internationally. Betty enthusiastically shares her practical classroom strategies for DI as well as many other relevant topics to support teachers, including motivational keynotes, and training for school and district administrators for successful leadership in a Common Core world.

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Rave Reviews for Betty Hollas

“Absolutely fantastic! Motivating! Useful!”
Cindy Keyserling, K-6 Literacy Coach, Lady's Island Elementary School, Beaufort, SC

“Betty did a fabulous job making comprehension come to life. Excellent job. Very well organized with great ideas!”
Barbara Falkenbury, Reading Specialist, Cannon School, Concord, NC

“I loved this workshop! I didn't expect to learn so much and have so much fun at the same time! Kudos!”
Keith Armstrong, Teacher, Collins Elementary School, Augusta, GA

Most Popular Presentations

  • Tiering Without Tears, (Gr. 3 12)
  • Customized Webinars, (Gr. K-12)
  • Keynote: Keeping Motivation in a Standards Era, (Gr. K 12)
  • Multiple Intelligences ‚?? Classroom Applications, (Gr. K 6)
  • Powerful Classroom Management Techniques, (Gr. K 6)
  • Six Trait Writing: The Assessment Driven Framework for Writing Success, (Gr. 3 8)
  • Strategies That Support Differentiated Instruction, (Gr. K 12)
  • Strategies To Help Struggling Readers Learn From Expository Textbooks, (Gr. 3 12)
  • The Successful New Teacher, (Gr. K 5)
  • The Three C‚??s: Change, Communication and Conflict, (Gr. K 12)
  • Advanced Six Trait Writing, (Gr. 3-8)
  • Caring For the Caregiver: How To Keep Your Energy Level High and Your Stress Level Low, (Gr. K-12)
  • Coaching and Supporting Teachers for Success in Differentiating Instruction, (Gr. PreK-12)
  • Common Core Writing Standards and the Six Traits of Writing: An Uncommon Opportunity (, Gr. 3-8)
  • Current Best Strategies To Improve Reading Comprehension, (Gr. 3-12)
  • DI Train the Trainer, (Gr. K-12)
  • Differentiated Instruction for the 21st Century Classroom: Introducing the DI21 Framework, (Gr. K-12)
  • Differentiating Instruction in a Whole Group Setting, (Gr. 7-12)
  • Formative assessment: A Process, not an event, (Gr. 3-12)
  • Four BlocksTM For the Upper Grades, (Gr. 4-8)
  • Everyone‚??s Talking Teamwork!‚?Ě From Staff To Students, Learn Skills For Building Successful Teams in, (Gr. K-12)


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