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Betty Hollas

Betty Hollas

Betty is a veteran educator with more than 25 years of exemplary service, as both a teacher and a principal. She brings energy and excitement to schools nationwide, enthusiastically sharing her practical strategies for DI. She is co-creator of SDE‚??s Differentiated Instruction: Theory into Practice training program and the Differentiated Instruction: Theory into Practice Train-the-Trainer Institute, as well as author or coauthor of many books including Differentiated Instruction: Different Strategies for Different Learners, Differentiated Instruction in a Whole-Group Setting, and The 7 Secrets of Motivating & Inspiring Your Team.

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Rave Reviews for Betty Hollas

“Absolutely fantastic! Motivating! Useful!”
Cindy Keyserling, K-6 Literacy Coach, Lady's Island Elementary School, Beaufort, SC

“Betty did a fabulous job making comprehension come to life. Excellent job. Very well organized with great ideas!”
Barbara Falkenbury, Reading Specialist, Cannon School, Concord, NC

“I loved this workshop! I didn't expect to learn so much and have so much fun at the same time! Kudos!”
Keith Armstrong, Teacher, Collins Elementary School, Augusta, GA

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