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Ricky has spent 25 years in education, as a classroom teacher at every level from kindergarten to fifth grade and as a math coach in California and Texas. She has been active in curriculum writing and district-wide staff development, but teaching is her passion. In 2005, she was awarded the Los Angeles County "Excellence in Promoting Math Instruction Award." She discovered Singapore Math while looking for methods to help her struggling students, and has become an enthusiastic supporter of Singapore Math for all students. Her passion for teaching shines through in her energetic and humorous presentations. Ricky has experienced the power of Singapore Math firsthand, visiting schools, learning teacher training programs, and collaborating with experts in Singapore.

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Most Popular Presentations

  • Foundations of Model Drawing, (Gr. 1-6)
  • Getting Parents on Board with Singapore Math, (Gr. K-8)
  • Introduction to Singapore Math Strategies, (Gr. 1-5)
  • Math and Literature, (Gr. 1-6)
  • Singapore Math Continues!, (Gr. 3-7)
  • Teaching Math in the Digital Age, (Gr. 1-6)
  • Customized Webinars (Gr. K-12), 
  • Model Drawing for Higher-Level Word Problems, (Gr. 6-12)
  • Move It! Shake It! Manipulate It!, (Gr. 1-6)
  • Multiplication, Division, and Fractions, (Gr. 3-6)
  • Singapore Math and Charts and Graphs, (Gr. 3-6)
  • Singapore Math and RTI, (Gr. 1-6)
  • Meet and Exceed Common Core Expectations: Math, (Gr. K-5)
  • Assessments to Guide Instruction, (Gr. 1-6)
  • Creating Successful Problem Solvers, (Gr. 1-6)
  • Differentiated Math, (Gr. K-6)
  • Foundations of Number Sense, 
  • Foundations of Number Sense: Part I & II, (Gr. K-6)
  • Getting Your Parents on Board with Model Drawing, (Gr. 3-8)
  • Key Strategies of Singapore Math-Number Sense and Model Drawing, (Gr. 3-6)
  • Lesson Study, (Gr. 3-7)
  • Math Interventions, (Gr. 1-6)
  • Math Interventions That Work!, (Gr. 1-6)


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