SDE Featured Workshops

SDE Featured Workshops offer consistent delivery of high-quality content grounded in research and best practices and focused on practical classroom application. These best-in-class trainings feature the hottest topics, the most relevant classroom ideas, and the highest instructional impact.

2-day Learning Experience for K-5 Educators

In this timely training, participants will discover how the Common Core State Standards will affect teaching and learning in their classrooms. Focuses include consistency and clarity of understanding, an in-depth topical examination, and the new and more rigorous expectations. Participants will leave the workshop with CCSS-ready strategies and the confidence that their students will be able to meet and exceed Common Core expectations.

Powerful 2-day Training for K-12 Educators

Are the teachers in your school effectively differentiating instruction for 21st century learners? This powerful training will give your teachers the skills and confidence to reach every student with real, relevant differentiation, to equip students for 21st century success, to engage students with instructional technology, and to prepare students for Common Core success!

Powerful 3-day Training for K-12 Educators and Coaches

Create your own DI21 trainers! At this powerful three-day training, K-12 educators and coaches will gain a comprehensive understanding of differentiated instruction as it relates to today’s classrooms—including integration of technology, 21st century skills, and Common Core State Standards. Then, they’ll acquire the confidence and competence to successfully train fellow educators.

1-day Learning Experience for K-6 Educators

In this powerful one-day training, teachers will participate in lively discussions, engaging activities, and analysis of video to identify practical, sustainable ways to make mathematics mastery real, relevant, and attainable for all students. They will solidify their understanding of Differentiated Instruction, discover how to make math accessible and meaningful for every student, build confidence in their math skills, and leave with a clear path for ongoing math success.

1-day Learning Experience for 1-6 Educators

SDE’s Math Interventions training offers a quick and easy solution to an age-old problem. When children truly understand the concept, they internalize what they learn and retain it well beyond the test. Participants will learn how to apply a powerful and proven approach that will enable math success for all students. And, they will be empowered with the confidence and competence to bring mathematical understanding and success to every student.

2-day Learning Experience for K-6 Educators with Less than 3 Years’ Experience

With the significant new-teacher attrition challenges we face today, this workshop is the lifeline your new teachers need for classroom success, professional achievement, and personal fulfillment. Attending this workshop will not only give new teachers proven-effective instructional strategies but it will also give them confidence in their ability to manage their classrooms. Most important, it will complement their college experience with the practical, proven techniques that new teachers need to build a supportive environment where they and their students will thrive.

Success Systems

SDE's SuccessSystems™ deliver intensive training at your school, providing proven ways to think about 21st century teaching and learning. From the cornerstones of success, Early Learning and Differentiated Instruction, to the implementation of proven Response to Intervention techniques, we provide a framework for sound instructional decision-making. And in the content areas, starting with math methods proven in Singapore, we give teachers the strategies they need to feel confident in their decisions, and in the progress their students make.

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