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SDE LogoStaff Development for Educators is America's leading provider of professional development for PreK through Grade 12 educators. Through our On-site PD, PD Events, Web-based PD, and PD Resources, we empower teachers and administrators across the country with solutions to the most challenging issues they face.

We believe that educators have the most important job in the world. That’s why we’re dedicated to empowering educators with ongoing professional development that is not only research-based, innovative, and rigorous, but also practical, motivating, and fun. All SDE training is presented by the nation’s top authors and educational experts, with the goal of creating extraordinary classrooms that prepare our students for the evolving demands of the 21st century.

Our Philosophy

We believe that all students can learn when provided with developmentally appropriate instruction. We hold the highest esteem for the teaching profession and recognize that teachers learn best from other teachers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop long-term partnerships with educators that create meaningful improvement in student attainment, teacher fulfillment, and school success. We aim to fuel the flame that inspires teachers and leads to lifelong achievement.

Our Methodology

We understand that professional development is a process, so we ensure each training session and/or publication adheres to instructional principles that lead to meaningful connections to the content and sustained application of the new learning.

  • Research-based and classroom-tested content
  • Practical and theoretical training
  • Active and engaging participation
  • Relevant and innovative instruction
Our History

SDE was founded in Peterborough, New Hampshire, in 1986 by Jim and Lillian Grant with the original goal of providing New England teachers the opportunity to learn the best techniques from the best teachers in the region. Motivated by Jim’s personal goal of helping to create classrooms where all students can succeed, SDE has grown to become one of the nation’s leading providers of professional development for PreK through grade 12 educators and administrators.

Highlights Family of Companies

Higlights LogoSince 1991, SDE has been a proud member of a family of companies owned by Highlights for Children, Inc. From magazine, trade-book, and textbook publishers to educational seminars for teachers, all members of the Highlights family of companies make a significant contribution to the education of children.

Highlights for Children, Inc.

Founded in 1946, Highlights for Children, Inc., is dedicated to the belief that children are the world’s most important people. Every Highlights product helps children become their best selves and become confident, caring, curious, and creative individuals.

Boyds Mills Press

Founded by Highlights in 1990, Boyds Mills Press publishes high-quality picture books, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, science, history, and activity books for children of all ages.

Zaner-Bloser Educational Publishers

Founded in 1888, Zaner-Bloser is a premier publisher of research-based handwriting, reading, spelling, writing, and vocabulary programs for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. The company strives to create high-quality, dynamic, and appealing educational programs and services that inspire all students to become engaged, literate citizens. Ever able to adapt to the changing educational landscape, Zaner-Bloser Handwriting has been a national institution for several generations and the company continues to grow through the addition of technology products.

Stenhouse Publishers

Founded in 1986, Stenhouse publishes books and videos that help K–12 teachers enhance their professional knowledge and build their students’ skills as readers, writers, and thinkers. All of Stenhouse’s titles, from reading and math comprehension to classroom management, are grounded in a philosophy of education that respects both teacher and learner and are designed to integrate theory, research, and practice in an accessible manner.


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SDE is seeking highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals to join our team. We encourage an energetic and dynamic work atmosphere that inspires communication.

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