Conference for Alabama Kindergarten Teachers
Feb 06-07 2017 -- Birmingham, AL
Featuring Presenters: Kathy Griffin NBCT, Kim Hughes, & Deedee Wills
Discover professional development that is research-based, innovative, practical, and motivating, and will also help you increase rigor and critical thinking in your instruction.
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Cara Carroll

Cara Carroll

Cara is an energetic kindergarten teacher with 11 years of classroom experience. She is highly skilled at creating engaging, cross-curricular activities and materials to meet the diverse needs of her students. A big believer in hands-on learning, she shares her experiences and ideas with other teachers. Cara is the author of the award winning blog, The First Grade Parade.

Lynne Ecenbarger

Lynne Ecenbarger

In her role as a teacher, administrator, instructional coach, and education consultant, Lynne has dedicated her career to improving literacy and proficiency in math. She has consulted with over 700 schools throughout her state and across the nation. Lynne is the author of five teacher resources, including her popular Method Mania series.

Jim Grant

Jim has emerged as the nation’s Spokesperson for School Success with a dedicated mission to stop school failure. An internationally renowned educator and popular speaker, he offers practical instructional strategies to help all students learn. Jim is the author of many popular professional books, including the best-selling, Differentiated Instruction: Different Strategies for Different Learners and Differentiating Textbooks.

Donna Whyte

Donna is an education consultant well-known for her practical and motivating strategies designed to help children reach their full potential. Her positive attitude, high energy, and practical ideas, make her presentations exciting for teachers eager to enhance their programs. Donna is the author of several books and CDs, including the highly acclaimed teacher resources, Morning Meeting, Afternoon Wrap-Up and You Can’t Teach a Class You Can’t Manage.

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