Conference for Virginia Kindergarten Teachers
Dec 05-06 2016 -- Richmond, VA
Featuring: Dan St. Romain & Kim Adsit
Discover research-based, innovative, practical, and motivating professional development that will help you increase rigor and critical thinking in your instruction.
  • Behavior Management
  • Classroom Management/Organization
  • Guided Reading
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Emergent Writing
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Kim Adsit

Kim taught kindergarten for 28 years and was voted 2002 Teacher of the Year. She emphasizes the fun of kindergarten and encourages educators to tap into the curiosity of young children to plant the seed for lifelong learning. Kim has a Specialist Degree in Early Childhood Education as well as an At-Risk Endorsement. She is the co-author of five books, including Bookmaking Bonanza and Read with Ease.

Maria Banks

Maria Banks

Maria has spent 20 years developing techniques to support guided reading and writing in the classroom. She has also created materials to support differentiated learning. Maria has worked as a consultant, staff development coordinator, and national workshop presenter. She believes in sharing information that will refresh and motivate the reflective teacher.

Kathy Griffin National Board Certified Teacher

Kathy Griffin

Kathy is a National Board Certified Early Childhood specialist with more than 15 years of experience teaching Pre-K through 2nd grade. She is passionate about supporting educators as they plan developmentally-appropriate activities, and is an expert in strategies to differentiate instruction for all learners, while also keeping them engaged through music, technology, and hands-on learning. Kathy is the author of the CD Growing Dendrites with Kathy Griffin along with many other multimedia files, games, and songs.

Deanna Jump

Deanna has taught for 18 years in kindergarten and first grade classrooms and was Teacher of the Year in 2003 and 2006. Deanna earned her Ed Specialist degree in early literacy and reading. She has a passion for creating and sharing grade-level-appropriate units and activities that incorporate the Common Core State Standards and make learning fun again. Deanna is the #1 seller for

Dan St. Romain

Dan is a national educational consultant who is passionate about helping educators shift their perspective on behavior and understand the best ways to provide support given the challenges posed in today's classroom. He also regularly presents on topics impacting school climate, brain-based instruction, developmentally appropriate educational practices and presentation skills. Currently, Dan works as a behavior consultant for a school district, working directly with students, while also providing support to the staff. His sessions are exceedingly interactive and entertaining, though his greatest asset lies in his ability to offer participants rich insight into the connectedness between educational practices and student behavior.

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